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Accredited Factories 

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SDPL is an SA8000 manufacturing house based in Kolkata ( India ) The business group has evolved over 25 years using the optimum combination of hand-crafting, artisanship and technology, striving to bring the highest quality bespoke products, the widest variety of ecological materials that are both fashionable, durable and part of the circular economy.

SDPL specialises in producing fashion accessories using sustainable materials such as Malia Coconut leather, washable paper, cactus leather, and hemp fabric.

As a responsible and ethical corporate supplier, NO child labour is employed at their facility.


Coconut Leather


STC is an SAI 8000 Audited company and professionally managed organisation, established in 1992, with a strong technical infrastructure compliant with the highest levels of quality, environment and social audit norms. STC produces various kinds of leather goods for many leading global brands including VoyagerBlue Ltd.


  • All leather used in production on behalf of VoyagerBlue is sourced from tanneries in Italy using 100% vegetable tanned leather, purchased from Leather Working Group ( LWG)  Silver rated and certified tanneries.

  • STC promote female employment and equal opportunity throughout our organisation.

  • STC factory is powered by solar power, reducing emission by up to 30%.

Naturally Tanned Leather

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Precision Card Services is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of high quality recycled and eco degradable cards. Suitable for gift, loyalty membership, promotional and insert marketing applications, the VB RFID shielding cards can be manufactured from a variety of eco friendly materials that offer the same quality and durability of traditional standard PVC, including 100% recycled PVC and eco-degradable materials. 

Eco RFID Card Shield


Tracing its roots back to 1871 and the original TBA which evolved in T + N in 1920. TBA PS is a valued partner of VoyagerBlue Ltd and has continued to meet their principle objectives with the innovative  use of cutting edge materials ( as used in the VB PCS RFID card shield) producing market leading solutions for EMI shielding, thermo plastic inserts and mouldings and in recent times researching and deploying the use of Carbon Nano Tube and Graphene  (CNTG) for a host of industrial applications, including the RFID lining for apparel such as purses, wallets and handbags. 

RFID Shielding technology & More 


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