Shield and Bluetooth® Combined

We offer an exceptional range of robust, easy to use long battery life Bluetooth® with RFID shielding products extending from VB Card and ePass shielding inserts, to gents wallets and ladies purses.

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Contactless Shields

Card clash, accidental payment, double charging and data skimming is on the rise. This could happen to you in shops, bars, transport systems, restaurants, ATM machines or even when thieves are just walking past you.

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Loss Prevention

We’ve all had that sinking feeling when you realise you’ve lost your passport, wallet or mobile phone. Our Bluetooth® loss-prevention products couple with your smartphone and sound an alarm when you’re separated from possessions.

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Elegant Technology

We provide a bespoke range of VB high quality leather corporate gifts and promotional products, bring a history of successful trading and expertise to the VB RFID wallets, purses and smart phone covers.

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Keeping your assets close and your identity even closer
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If you are reading this message, take a moment to check? How many contactless / RFID credit or debit cards do you have in your wallet or purse? Let's average it at 2. Take the 2 and multiply it by £30.00, now multiply that by three = £180.00.On average and in the days of old, I'd have £30 pounds in my wallet for small purchases , like coffee, and other things, however, if I lost my wallet in the "days of old", I'd only lose £30.00, along with my cards, but without a pin number "on the spot" transactions " in the days of old" would be difficult. Now, think about the "contactless / RFID " cards in your wallet or purse, they don't require a pin number and if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, those cards can be used to make on the spot transactions, with NO pin number required! Sure, randomly the person using your cards may be asked for a pin, but randomly they may not. Contactless cards are convenient and in many ways like cash, so take extra care of them. ...

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